Lay Up, Laid Up!

It’s all about health. If you have it, you have everything they say. Part of it is to eat well. I am a proponent of organic farming so naturally I recommend this kind of fare. Get rid of the junk in your life and you will thrive. The world is overrun with obesity and it is no surprise given the easy availability of processed food in supermarkets. No one grows their own. You must make an effort to find the best produce and fresh ingredients.

The flip side of eating well is getting a lot of exercise. I believe in a balanced life full of fun and sports. Any kind will do depending upon where you live, the season, and your body type. I like basketball myself and play it often. While it is great for my well-being, my kids love it too. I teach them how to lay up and shoot hoops. No matter how bad they are, they fight for improvement. We have a hoop in the backyard and a high quality outdoor basketball as well (see It builds self-confidence and strong mental health.

However, because of basketball, I was laid up for a while. I am not used to taking time off from the farm as I practice a healthy lifestyle. Somehow, I got in the way of another player and I tripped. I hurt my ankle enough that I couldn’t walk for a few days. I had to forego my gardening chores. I have been working on some hybrids and had to hang up my tools for the moment. In a few days, I will be back.

Who hasn’t sprained or turned their ankle? Well, maybe not playing basketball. I think of skiers breaking ankles and perhaps daring figure skaters. Basketball seems like a more run-of-the-mill activity. You see kids playing it after school on the playground and in parks in the inner city. I don’t see a lot of plaster casts hanging around. I don’t associate lay ups with being laid up. I have proved them wrong. While it is not a serious injury, my chores are compromised for a while. It won’t stop me from playing the game again when my ankle is stronger. It is just too much fun and my primary social life. When I see a pick-up game on a street corner where someone has put up a hoop, I long to join in. Basketball is spontaneous, exhilarating, and challenging all rolled into one. I could go on and on.

Gardening to some, including me, is a kind of sport and pastime, while it is also a career and way of life. You are bending and reaching and working those thighs. You are out in the fresh air taking in oxygen deep into your lungs. If you go at it for long enough, you will tone up and burn calories. For me, gardening is a personal philosophy that revolves around human health and well-being. Juxtaposing farm work and playing basketball yields some interesting comparisons. They both make up the bulk of my time.