Decent Showing at the Farmer’s Market

One day a week is targeted just for me. It is farmer’s market time when I sell produce and hand-made wares like fruit jams and jellies. I look forward to sharing my crop with the public. I have regulars who enjoy my fresh fare and wait days to get what I have to offer this week. No one knows for sure in advance. Of course, it is seasonal but everyone in the area knows this. By now they have some idea of what I will bring. If they want tomatoes, peaches and strawberries, they look forward to summer. For apples and pears, it is fall. Winter means root vegetables of all kinds. If they know how to can in mason jars, they can buy any time of the year and save it for later in the pantry. This is a popular enterprise where I live. This is a reasonable approach to feeding your family and stay on trend. Canning isn’t difficult and I have given demonstrations and sold supplies. It helps my business since people can’t buy enough to make a dent in my crop if they eat it fresh. I always have a decent showing when the canners arrive.

I have regular canners who like the information I provide. I carry sheets of recipes and new canning ideas in the backpack I take along with me to the market. I got the idea from Facebook. It is so handy to reach back and pull out what is needed. I used to take a regular tote but found that I didn’t know where to stash it or I would forget it when I left. I always have an extra shopping bag to store my own purchases. Other local farmers have things I need and don’t produce. Plus, I love all the bath oils, soaps, candles, and homemade baked goods that abound. Market time is when all the creativity comes out. People sell plants with macramé hangars, wood artifacts, wind chimes, and simple clothing.

The farmer’s market is a social time for the locals. There are tables and chairs next to the coffee stand and many booths to buy food for lunch. Kids are running about gleefully and can’t wait to get into the petting zoo. Mothers are carrying babies and fathers have a tot on their shoulders. Teens are enjoying ice cream and grandparents are taking cell phone photos. It is a joyous day, particularly in good weather. I love the fresh soup and made-to-order lemon and powdered sugar crepes. When I have sold my lot for the day, I can relax and enjoy my friends before packing up to go home.

I sigh with relief when the day is done when I have made a good profit and sit and plan for the next week that always comes. I unload my purchase and store any leftover produce before getting the crates ready for another delivery. It is a pleasant routine and constitutes the major part of my life.