In the Shop Today Instead of the Dirt

I love getting my hands dirty; in other words, I love running my fingers through the deep rich soil. Not just any soil mind you. I run an organic farm and use organic and sustainable growing practices so you can trust that my “dirt” is in a sense, clean. I think of what I do as paving the way to the future and a better way to grow food. More and more, people talk about productivity and improved quality so lately these are my buzz words. They want healthier lives and that means controlling what you eat to avoid pesticides and toxins. I believe I can help raise the standard of living of many by using old-world traditional techniques that are alien to the big agro companies. While I contemplate the rows of vegetables before me, I think about new strategies for preserving the land.

I am outside most days, but today I spent hours in the shop instead of the dirt. It was an issue of practicality. I had a specific need. I was using a circular saw from Woodwork Nation in my work shed to make a metal trellis for some produce to climb on. The saw made it easy to cut pieces just the right length so I could assemble them into the final puzzle-like gridwork. My saw isn’t too lightweight, a type you can use for wood, but it has a powerful motor that gives me the durability and performance I need for my many garden projects. I never had a career in construction, but have learned as I go. It saves on hiring professional labor and it is quite rewarding and fun. I found out why you need a well-balanced tool and the importance of quick, one-handed adjustments using the large rubberized levers. You get a better fit and more control, by the way when you have rubber grip on the handle. I like how easy the settings are to read due to oversized numbers and ruler markings. It is a dream of a saw. Plus it has two built-in LED lights that illuminate the line of cut for absolute accuracy. Add to this, a dust blower that clears this line and a blade wrench attached to the saw for fast and convenient blade changing. Then there is the super duper blade itself—a premium 7 ¼” carbide tipped framing blade that cuts faster than most lighter weight tools and lasts twice as long.

I hope I have given you the parameters of the trellis job. It turned out great and will be as useful as I had imagined. It is the perfect size. I want to control the vines once and for all. You can use these structures anywhere you grow plants or even attached to the side of a house for flowering vines. They make the plants look great as they ascend into the heavens, stretching their snaking thin green arms this way and that.