Walk Away from the Screen and Into the Fields!

I love farming because I know I am creating a healthy lifestyle for the community. I envision myself as part of a giant worldwide machine that is producing quality fare to improve and sustain humankind. Plus, I also enjoy being outdoors in the fields checking out the crops and addressing issues of nutrients and water. I am also at the computer from time to time looking up new information on the latest techniques of rotating crops and preserving the soil. After a few hours of intense searching and reading, my neck gets so stiff and sore. I even went and read up about it on a web site called Higher Massage. The effects are shocking! I wonder how my friend, who works in an office, can stand to do this all day without relief. When he started to complain months ago, I suggest regular massage, but he still is suffering and there is no end in sight.

The only thing he can do at the point is quit his office job and come to work on the farm. He needs to stop causing himself undue physical harm. He is straining his neck and it may cause irreparable spine damage long term. While he likes his work, he also sees how rewarding I find it to run a farm. He never hears me go on about aching body parts and mental or physical stress. I know how to take breaks and adjust my position to avoid excess wear and tear, especially on my neck.

It took him a while to consider my offer. He hesitated, but when his masseuse mentioned that his neck ailment was getting progressively worse, he got my immediate attention. We were going to give him a trial run at the farm. He is a smart guy and his ability to research and analyze would add to our think tank and help us improve our growth strategies. But I wasn’t going to let him sit in the office glued to a computer screen. After all, that is what brought him to me in the first place. I was going to get him outdoors. He wouldn’t have to literally turn the soil or plant, but he could teach workers who specialize in this area how to do it more efficiently and effectively. I didn’t mention that he was an efficiency expert at his former job.

I appreciate not having to do everything myself so that the business can grow by leaps and bounds. There is a big demand these days for organic food and I sell well beyond my small community. In a short period of time, my friend’s trial run was over and he had proven his chops so to speak. I hope that someday he will become my righthand man. In the farming business, there is always a need for another voice, a new perspective, and innovation. Even if you are a small cog in a big wheel, applying brain power to the enterprise will yield many rewards, most of which are better crops.